Does Your Bedroom Need An Intervention?


What would you find if you took an honest look at your bedroom? Is the atmosphere relaxing and peaceful? Is the room clutter-free and neat? If not, your bedroom may be costing you precious hours of sleep and rest. It’s easy for the purpose of the bedroom to be forgotten. Rather than a place to sleep, it often doubles as an office or family room complete with the television blaring and the harsh brightness of a computer screen. Distractions from cell phones and tablets may also be disrupting your sleep.


Take back your bedroom

The first step to promoting good sleep habits is to remove the TV and computer from the bedroom. The bedroom should be a sanctuary from the stress of the world. When you enter the bedroom at night, you want to forget about work. Having the computer in the bedroom makes it tempting to check emails and scroll through social media sites. Silence cell phones for the night. Hearing text message alerts will keep you up all hours of the night.

Splurge on a new mattress

Is it time to send your old mattress out the door? If it’s been years since you bought a new one, it may be time to evaluate the condition of your mattress. The bed and mattress is the focal point of any bedroom. A good way to determine the state of your mattress is to visit furniture stores and try out some of the newer ones. If you’re surprised by how good the newer mattresses feel, it’s probably a good indicator that it may be time for a replacement.

New bedding materials on the market, such as temperature control fabrics and memory foam, make mattresses more comfortable than ever. Since you have to sleep every day, a good mattress is an investment that is worth every penny spent on it. Consider it an investment in your health.

Colors that promote sleep

Subtle shades of green and blue are good choices for bedroom walls. Greens and blues are thought to be calming and soothing. Stay away from bright and bold colors that stimulate the senses. If you like bold colors, choose them for accent pieces and not the main wall color. You can add a splash of color with throw pillows or curtain toppers.

brown and dark stain relaxing seating for master bedroom

Flooring matters

Avoiding carpets is a good idea if you are prone to allergies. Carpet is the perfect place for dust particles to collect. Wood or laminate flooring can be cleaned thoroughly and is friendlier to allergy sufferers. It’s easier to sleep well if you’re not sniffling and sneezing all night long.

Making your bedroom inviting and conducive to sleep isn’t difficult and doesn’t require extreme measures. You can plan a bigger makeover with new flooring, paint, and furniture at a later date if desired. The important thing is to do what you can to encourage good sleeping habits now. A bedroom intervention can promote better sleep, and sleeping well means a better quality of life for you.

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